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Win a 3 bedroom property in idyllic parkland setting in Edinburgh’s Greenbelt. Peacefully located on a private tree-lined avenue yet only approximately 6 miles from Edinburgh city centre with easy access to the City Bypass and Edinburgh Airport.

The house is Listed, it’s particular feature is is unique bell-cast pitched slate roof. Built in 1928, the Lodge is attributed to renowned Lorimer & Mathew architectural practice. 

The house is valued £430,000, rental: £1200 pcm. This place would make a full of character family home or a rental/holiday home investment. We will add further £10,000 cash to the Prize to cover costs associated with moving to your new home.

Hurry!!! Competition is closing on the 30th of April 2019

A donation will be made to Kids in Crisis Charity specialising in provision of Emergency Crisis Grants during times of acute financial stress, to the parents and carers of children with terminal or chronic illness or disability.

If we won’t sell enough tickets, a cash prize will be awarded as described in T&C, but we will do our absolute best to make this 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this competition legal

Yes, this is a skill based, prize competition that falls within the requirements of the Gambling Act 2005 set by the UK’s Gambling Commission.

Can I enter if I live outside the UK

Yes, although overseas entrants must ensure they do not contravene laws of their country of residence.

What is the Value of the property

This is a 3 bedroom, 1380 sq.ft/128 sq.m, freehold house with detached garage and garden, valued at £430,000.

Is it safe to make payment via credit card/debit card

Yes, you do not pay us, you pay a trusted online payment provider who takes your information through their secure server.

How to enter

You will have to solve the picture puzzle then click ‘enter competition now’. You will be taken to our secure payment gateway in order to purchase the ticket(s) of your choosing. If you think the correct answer is A, buy ‘Answer A’ ticket, for B buy ‘Answer B’ ticket and if you think C is the right answer, buy ‘Answer C’ ticket. You will be asked then to provide your contact details. You will receive confirmation email, please keep it safe as it is your virtual ticket, the proof of your entry.

The most popular way of payment is by credit/debit card but we will add other payment methods on request.

How is the winner decided

When the Competition closes all successful Entries with the correct answer will be allocated a number. A number will be drawn using a random number generator and the corresponding Entry will be deemed a winner of the Prize. The draw will take place in the presence of an independent solicitor, in front of invited audience. 

Will I have to pay anything if I win

No, all conveyancing fees, Stamp Duty and council tax for up to 6 months after the win, will be covered by us. In addition there will be a Cash Bonus for the winner to cover moving costs. 

Which Charity will benefit

Kids in Crisis, UK registered Charity: 1147730, will receive £10,000 when we reach the minimum number of Entries.



​The competition is closing very soon!​

Just a short reminder​

  • all entries with correct answer to the qualifying question will be entered into the prize draw 

  • it is not necessary to attend the prize draw 

  • the winner will be contacted by phone, email and by post

  • winners name will be announced on our website, facebook and twitter

Best of luck,

Win A House Club Team

Terms and Condition

CONTEST: The Competition operated by the Promoter to which these Terms & Conditions apply.


PROMOTER: Win A House Club, Pittendreich South Lodge, Lasswade, EH18 1AJ, UK (“the Promoter”).



PRIZE: The house and freehold known as: Pittendreich South Lodge, Lasswade, EH18 1AJ, UK, associated legal fees, Stamp Duty (SDLT) plus £10,000 cash. A cash prize may be awarded instead of the house as indicated in the Terms & Conditions.

ENTRANT: Any person (not including a limited company, partnership or limited liability partnership) who enters the Competition through the Website ( to win the Prize.

ENTRY: A Correct Answer to the Question by the Entrant, to obtain an opportunity to win the Prize.

QUESTION: The Question all Entrants must answer correctly in accordance with the answer held by the Promoters, to have an opportunity to win the Prize.

WINNER: The Entrant chosen at random after the Closing Date who will receive the Prize in accordance with these Terms and Conditions

OPENING DATE: May 12th, 2018, 9 pm (21:00 hrs) GMT

CLOSING DATE: October 31st, 2018, 9 pm (21:00 hrs) GMT. Competition may be extended by up to 6 months in accordance with the original Terms & Conditions. Extended till April 30th, 2019, 11.45 pm (23.45 hrs) GMT


The purpose of the Contest is to win the Prize, the Property known as Pittendreich South Lodge, Lasswade, EH18 1AJ, UK plus £10,000 cash.

The Prize will be transferred by the Promoter to the Winner of the Contest free from all mortgages, transfer charges and other encumbrances, at the Promoter’s expense and including all fees, charges and taxes including Stamp Duty and legal fees.

​There will be a Charity donation to Kids in Crisis, UK registered Charity: 1147730 of £10,000 when we reach the minimum number of Entries.

The Winner shall ensure the Prize is registered at HM Land Registry in the Winner’s name within 28 days of Winner announcement.

If fewer than 125,000 paid tickets have been sold and there is insufficient funding to award the Prize, 75% of revenue will be allocated as a cash prize to a Winner.


The Competition is open to all persons aged 18 or over excluding the Promoters, their family, friends, agents, employees, professional advisers or anyone else connected with the development or operation of the Website or conduct or administration of the Competition in any way. 

Overseas Entrants must ensure they do not contravene laws of their country of residence.


The price of entering the Competition is £5.00 (GBP) per entry, payable using any payment means as described on the Website.

A Completed Entry is one in which the Entrant correctly submits an Entry Fee with correct answer to the Question and provides contact details in accordance with the Competition requirements and its Terms & Conditions.

Entrants must submit contact details as requested by the Promoter, including e-mail address, telephone number and postal address where these exist.


All postal Entries must be contained within a sealed envelope and sent to: Win A House Club, Pittendreich South Lodge, Lasswade, EH18 1AJ, United Kingdom.


Entrants acknowledge that their payment to answer the Question and enter the Competition does not guarantee they will win the Prize.




The minimum number of paid Entries needed for the competition to be viable is 125,000. 


All Entries, however submitted, are equal. Blank or insufficiently completed Entry Forms will result in the Entry being deemed void.


Once the Closing Date has been reached, there shall be a period of three days’ grace to allow any remaining postal Entries to arrive.


Aside from expenses used for the administration and marketing of the Contest, Entry Fees will be maintained in a UK based bank account by the Promoter until the Winner has been determined. Funds records and the Entrant database will be held available for inspection by regulatory bodies until the Competition has closed and the Prize been awarded.




The Entrant must exercise skill and judgement to give the correct answer; incorrect entries will not be eligible to win the Prize.


An Entrant found to be sharing the answer with other Entrants, requesting the answer from other Entrants, or putting the Promoter under duress to provide the answer, shall be disqualified.


It is the responsibility of Entrants to individually solve the picture puzzle to answer the Question as a legal requirement under English law. For clarification, refer to the Gambling Commission.




The Closing Date is 31st October 2018. The Promoter reserves the right to extend the Competition by up to 6 months. Closing date has been extended till 30th April 2019.


Upon the final Closing Date, the Competition will close and the proceeds either deemed sufficient to award the house, or 75% of revenue will be allocated as a cash prize to a Winner.




The Winner will be drawn during a publicly-attended event from those who correctly answered the Question, using a Random Number Generator. The Winner will be drawn in the presence of a solicitor with no vested interest in the Competition. Requests to attend will be taken by Contact Form near the time of the draw.


The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into about the result of the Competition following the determination of the Winner.


The Winner will be announced within 14 days of Closing Date.




The Winner will be contacted by phone, email and post.


The Winner will be required to sign a transfer deed to transfer the Property into the Winner’s name within 28 days of the Winner being announced.


The Winner will need to forward a copy of their passport, driving licence or national identity papers if resident outside the UK, to the Promoter’ solicitor (not to the Promoter) to prove their identity. The Winner may be required to offer additional means of identification and verification to the Promoter’s solicitor for Anti-Money Laundering Regulations during the transfer of the property to the Winner.


If the Winner cannot be contacted by the Promoter within 28 days of being notified of their status as the Winner by e-mail, telephone and mail to the contact details submitted in their entry, the Promoter shall be entitled to award the Prize to an alternative Entrant selected by drawing another winning entry at random in the same method as described above. 


The Promoter fully respects the wishes of the Winner’s privacy, however, for transparency reason, the Promoter would seek permission to publicise their name, town and country of residence.


The Winner’s email address will not be used for marketing, or given or sold to any third-party company.




The Entrants and Promoter recognise the Promoter may use contact details and other data including personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 supplied by the Entrants to the Promoters solely to administer the Website and conduct the Competition.


Under no circumstances will the Promoter or their agents give, sell or otherwise make available any entrant’s personal data to any other body unless for regulatory reasons. The Promoters may disclose this information to relevant, regulatory third parties for the purposes of the prevention of fraud, money laundering, legal or financial or regulatory reasons.


Data will never be used for marketing purposes by the Promoter, their agents or any other person.


Every effort is made to keep entrants’ data secure. It is held on a hard drive in the Promoter’s possession and is given to no other person or agent.




Entrants and Promoters recognise that the Competition, its administration and associated activities are governed by English Law and that the County or High Courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute arising.


Each Entrant agrees that the usual requirement under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 for goods and services ordered online, does not apply.


The Promoter accepts no liability for errors or omissions in the Prize details, description or specification or any other part of the Website. It is the responsibility of each Entrant to satisfy him/herself as to the accuracy of any such details and/or any content of the Website.


The Promoter is not liable for loss suffered by an Entrant as a result of incomplete entries, failed computer communications or from use of the Website. The Promoter does not accept responsibility for entries not received due to failures in computer systems, other malfunctions, high Internet traffic, hardware failure, software failure, server faults or other reasons.


The Promoter does not guarantee the value of the Prize, its structural or cosmetic condition or future saleability. Entrants acknowledge that the Promoter does not offer any warranty as to the cost of future repairs or outgoings incurred by owning the property.


The Promoter reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions at any time, for any reason. The Promoter will draw entrants’ attention to changes within these Terms, in a timely fashion, by publicising changes on this website.


The Promoter reserves the right to cancel the Competition at any time. If the Competition is cancelled, the Promoter will return the Entry Fees to each Entrant in the most convenient and expedient manner, where possible corresponding to the way in which the Entrant paid, and in one combined payment where several entries were made by any Entrant. 


These competition rules shall not create any form of contract, joint venture or other agreement between any Entrant and the Promoters.


Each entrant should retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions.

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